Business Debt Recovery, Commercial Debt Recovery, Surrey, London, Dorset
Business Debt Recovery, Commercial Debt Recovery, Surrey, London, Dorset
AVC Debt Recovery, Business Debt Recovery
AVC Debt Recovery, Business Debt Recovery 

Business Debt Recovery Agency operating from offices in Surrey and Dorset. 

Who am I instructing?


You are instructing a small robust company, who are specialists in Business Debt Recovery who collect your monies firmly and professionally.

The co-founder is a corporate lawyer with experience of debt management within large firms and the team here have over 20 years of business debt recovery experience. You gain the benefit of our tenacity and determination to help you.

Our service will be specific and tailored to your needs.


Please call us on 0333 121 0161 for an immediate complimentary telephone consultation with a debt recovery specialist, or use our

contact form.


We are specialists in contract law and many debts arise from disputes or misunderstandings from contracts. We advise clients throughout the collection process and gain an in-depth understanding of each debt to advise the most appropriate course of action. 


We deal with the Debt for Small Businesses

Small companies total 99.9% of all UK companies, which equates to 4.8m businesses and getting paid on time is crucial to ensutre you can continue to operate smoothly and efficiently.

Governments make noises about ensuring small businesses are paid on time, but ultimately it is your prompt actions in dealing with monies owed that will ensure your continued prosperity.

Cash flow is the lifeblood for every business. You can run a business without profit, but you cannot run a business without cash so getting paid is important and that is where our business debt recovery skills comes in.

If you do not have a robust process for the recovery of late or non-paying accounts it can seriously affect the cash flow of your business. Debt collection and debt recovery is time consuming and costly, so using our services gives you a professional partner and specialist you can rely on to recover any business debt. Our expertise and service ethos allied to offices in Surrey and Dorset is a value add to your business.


Companies and businesses of various sizes use our professional services and benefit from our expertise across contracts, contract law and dispute resolution.

We operate to the highest professional standards in our recovery work mindful that you sometimes wish to maintain an ongoing working relationship with the debtor.

There is no guarantee that there will be a viable future relationship with the debtor, but we are always aiming for that if you instruct us.


We operate a specific approach to aligning the law on late payment and assertive communication which sets us apart from other agencies. We'll look at your ways of working and deliver based upon an undertanding of your needs.


Customised debt recovery

Every business debt we take on is treated individually. Information is analysed on receipt and a decision taken as to the quickest debt recovery route.


Proactive debt collection by telephone

We contact each debtor by telephone. This personal approach allows any queries or disputes to be resolved immediately and ensures maximum returns. It enables the people aspect within business debt recovery to be maximised.


Recourse to all facets of business debt recovery procedures resulting in early payment

By applying our philosophy of debt recovery based upon monies invoiced are yours and a pro-active collection ethos the "can't pays" are quickly separated from the will not or "won't pays".

We advise you on different ways and at all points we set out the chances of recovery and the risk to you spending without return. We advise on chasing “won’t pays” using all facets including insolvency procedures.


Continuous business debt recovery reports

We communicate regularly with our clients.


Dispute resolution expertise

Using our contract law expertise we are able to apply dispute resolution procedures that are an enabler to get your monies repaid. We always look to avoid lengthy and expensive litigation via the courts.


Receive your monies promptly

When we take a debt on we aim to collect as soon as possible, but have collected debts as quickly as 1 day.


Business Debt Recovery, Commercial Debt Recovery Business Debt Recovery


We have a high success rate and have collected where other agencies and solicitors could not collect. We operate with a professional experience led approach producing impressive recovery results.

We offer free reporting at a frequency and format that is agreed between us. and use a flexible approach meaning we can target and tailor our strategy on a case by case basis to meet your objectives.

Our aim is a prompt processing of instructions. Once we receive your communication we will make an immediate start on the way forward to getting your monies.

No weazel words or excuses. We aim to recover everything that is owed to you including costs and interest.

We operate a fast service - we can issue claims online saving you cost and time.

We deliver business debt recovery in a cost effective manner.


Please call us on 0333 121 0161 for proactive business debt recovery or use our

 contact form, and we can immediately start getting your monies.

Business Debt Recovery, Commercial Debt Recovery Business Debt Recovery, Commercial Debt Recovery

Other Services: Contract Law, Dispute Resolution

We are specialists in contract law and contracts and many debts arise from disputes or misunderstandings from contracts. We also provide the following

contract checking service


 dispute resolution


in house credit control packages


We are specialists in contract law


CW Contract Law and Legal   

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Worried a late payer may become a bad debt? Call us to receive a complimentary no obligation business debt recovery consultation.



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