Business Debt Recovery, Commercial Debt Recovery, Surrey, London, Dorset
Business Debt Recovery, Commercial Debt Recovery, Surrey, London, Dorset
AVC Debt Recovery, Business Debt Recovery
AVC Debt Recovery, Business Debt Recovery 

Contract Checking Service, Contract Review Service

Contract Checking starts at £90.00. Advice and analysis on Contracts, Agreements and Terms and Conditions. Preclude debt issues for your business.

Small business debt recovery with offices in Surrey and Dorset Contract Checking Service for Business

It is critical for any business, no matter what size or sector of industry, to have suitable contracts, agreements or terms and conditions (“Agreements”) in place. Many disputes that lead to non-payment and debt/ money chasing issues are caused by poor Agreements which include badly drafted clauses, poor ways of working, unsustainable delivery mechanisms (including ambiguous payment terms), and badly written or non-existent disputes procedures. Often disputes procedures inserted by expensive lawyers will cost more to implement than the value of the Agreement and that eats up the most valued commodity of all for business people - time.

We have come to learn that simple wording within effectively drafted Agreements can enable your business to preclude issues on payments and the disputes that lead to the issues.

Prevention is infinitely better than cure and once we have recovered a debt for a client many of them use our affordable Agreemnet drafting services and our fixed cost contract checking service on a regular basis.


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Our contract law arm is: CW Contract Law and Legal.


Drafting Terms and Conditions

If you do not currently use Terms and Conditions, you are leaving your business wide open to problems. We are able to advise and draft terms and conditions at fixed fees and advise you on the law of contract so ensuring there are no loopholes for any potential dispute.


Overhaul of current Terms and Conditions

Many businesses do not review their terms and conditions, despite changes in legislation and general trading practices. AVC Debt Recovery provide a Terms and Conditions health check to assess your current terms and advise how they could be updated and improved to protect your business further.


Concise terms regarding overdue payment, charges and interest

Every business suffers from slow payers and overdue accounts. We can help you ensure your Agreements clearly state the provisions of the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest ) Act 1998 and subsequent amendments so your clients are aware that you are serious about getting paid on time.


Advice on how to ensure terms are effective and legally binding

It is a common misconception that terms and conditions need to be signed for them to be legally binding and enforceable. This is not the case. AVC Debt Recovery are  specialists in contract law and will make sure you are fully protected at all times. We also advise on how new terms and conditions can be imposed on existing customers.


Special terms for individual business sectors

Due to our experience dealing with business debt recovery issues across a wide variety of business and  industry sectors, we can provide clients with advice on special and unique terms and conditions required in your chosen field.


Agreement Checking Service Starts at £90.00.

Visit our contrcat law company website www.cwcontractlawand


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Our specialists have many years of experience in drafting and checking contracts terms and conditions and agreements across the globe.

Small Business Debt Recovery contract checking service Dispute Resolution, Contract Checking Service


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