Business Debt Recovery, Commercial Debt Recovery, Surrey, London, Dorset
Business Debt Recovery, Commercial Debt Recovery, Surrey, London, Dorset
AVC Debt Recovery, Business Debt Recovery
AVC Debt Recovery, Business Debt Recovery 

Business Debt Recovery. No collection No Fee offered as standard. Offices in Surrey and Dorset.

Business debt recovery Surrey, Business debt Recovery Dorset Business Debt Recovery

You have made a sale of goods and/or services and you have not been paid?

To pay for this you need to generate even more business just to cover the loss resulting from any unpaid invoice.

AVC Debt Recovery insist that this is your money and your entitlement is to receive this money and we can deliver the serviove to help you recover it.


Here is a list of the services we offer



  • Debt recovery for small business.
  • Debt recovery for SMEs.
  • Debt recovery for unsecured lenders.
  • Enforcement, including instruction of bailiffs.
  • International debt recovery.
  • Attachment of earnings orders.
  • Invoice finance.
  • Issuing proceedings and entering judgement
  • Use of late payment legislation to ensure you get interest and reasonable business debt recovery fees.
  • Free letter before action (LBA). 
  • Statutory demands and bankruptcy petitions.
  • Credit control packages.
  • Contract checking service to preclude debt issues.
  • Contract and Terms and Conditions drafting service to ensure you set out the terms on late payments.


Call now on 0333 121 0161 for an immediate complimentary telephone consultation with a Business Debt Recovery specialist. or  fill in our simple  

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Does your business require a Letter Before Action?

Download for free our Letter Before Action Template


Please see our  In House Debt Recovery Packages



Business Debt Recovery

  • We never forget that we are only as good as the last monies we have successfully collected. 
  • We conduct ourselves with the utmost professionalism in recovering your monies.
  • We always look to resolve debt disputes in an amicable way, such as the overcoming of excuses for late payment, negotiation, telephone skills and the balancing of customer care with collection aims and objectives.
  • Our service is not based upon a one size fits all approach and we recognise that no debts or debt collection from companies is the same. 
  • We have collected debts across Europe and beyond so realise understanding of people is paramount to delivering you a service.
  • We pride ourselves on our alliance of probity, determination and persistence.
  • We use all facets of the debt recovery mix when looking at solving the problem to get your monies.
  • We look at understanding any problems that may arise from the original contract or agreement. Out expertise is understanding the legal aspects and stopping debtors finding any legal loopholes that preclude payment under the law.

We are specialists in contract law and contracts and many debts arise from disputes or misunderstandings from contracts. We advise clients throughout the collection process and gain an in-depth understanding of each business debt to devise the most appropriate course of action. 

  • Proven debt recovery processes.


  • "No win no fee" that link to your ways of working.


  • Legal application and methodology to enable you to control the process. 


  • Legal Specialists (contract law ) including full credit control management processes.


  • Individual business debt recovery focus means we look at the best way to succeed, where others may have failed.


  • Proactive business debt recovery by telephone. Our approach gets you to the top of the list for payment; no ifs no buts.


  • Focus on legal procedures aiming to achieve early payment.


  • Our pro-active approach gets you to the top of the list for payment; no ifs no buts.


  • Engaging AVC Debt Recovery reduces the risk that a late payer will become a bad debt.                                                                                         


  • We ensure your issued invoices are used to grow your business not someone else’s.


  • ​​We also look to understand the reasons for the debt as well as collecting it, so you are not destined to repeat it.


Call now on 0333 121 0161 for an immediate free business debt recovery consultation..

Business debt recovery Surrey, Business Debt Recovery Dorset, Commercial Debt Recovery Business Debt Recovery




Worried about late payment?  Call us to receive a complimentary no obligation debt recovery consultation. One call is all it takes to get on the road  to getting your monies into your account. 




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