Business Debt Recovery, Commercial Debt Recovery, Surrey, London, Dorset
Business Debt Recovery, Commercial Debt Recovery, Surrey, London, Dorset
AVC Debt Recovery, Surrey and Dorset
AVC Debt Recovery, Surrey and Dorset

Benefits of using our Business Debt Recovery

Business debt recovery, Commercial Debt recovery Business debt recovery, Commercial Debt recovery

Proven processes 

Our processes have been adapted over a number of years across all business disciplines.

Cash is King 

Having your cash in your bank account makes your business stronger and more profitable.

You control the process 

Our way of working is to apply our legal knowledge and expertise to collecting your monies based upon your business ethos and ways of working so you remain in control.

A flexible service that suits any budget 

We deliver cost effective results in Business Debt Recovery and Commercail Debt Recovery based upon  "no win" - " no fee" as our standard offer.

Understanding Business

We believe we have the experience and knowledge of business to be able to identify specific recovery issues that may have slipped through your own checks.

Working for you.

As a professional debt recovery/ debt collection company, we would be expected to be firm but fair. However, we do not believe that this should impact any of your rights for us to pursue your claim by any and all legitimate methods.

No false promises

We never promise what we know cannot be delivered or make court threats that we cannot deliver or will prejudice your chance of recovering your monies. 

We are confident in our ability to collect for you so offer "No win - No fee" which means if we fail we are not going to get paid. Where you want to work on a fixed fee basis we quote. Whichever methodology you choose it is an enabler for you to be aware of what the costs will be before we are instructed.

Contract Law, Legal Specialists

We are specialists in contract law and understanding legal agreement and many debts arise from disputes or misunderstandings from agreements or perception from agreements. We are legally focused at all points of the buisness debt recovery process.

We communicate with our clients throughout the debt recovery/collection process and always look to gain an in-depth understanding of each debt to devise the most appropriate course of action.

Dedicated contract Checking Services

We check contracts, agreements or business terms and conditions to maximise your return on monies owed.

Individual debt recovery/collection focus

Every business debt is treated individually. Debt information analysis is the crucial aspect here to enable a decision as to the quickest debt recovery route. We do not adopt any standard practices such as the “three stage letter program” and do not issue “template letters” as favoured by many debt recovery/collection agencies.

Proactive debt collection by telephone

Our specialists contact each debtor by telephone. This personal approach allows any queries or disputes to be resolved immediately and ensures maximum returns.

Personal visits

If necessary, the debtor can be visited at home or work. Legal proceedings can be personally served to ensure maximum impact.

Focus on legal procedures resulting in early payment

By applying our philosophy of debt recovery based upon monies invoiced are yours and a pro-active collection ethos the "can't pays" are quickly separated from the "will not" or "won't pays".

We advise our clients on different ways, which may include chasing won't pays using insolvency procedures, rather than traditional methods.

Debtors are advised personally of the implications of insolvency, often resulting in a successful recovery.

Recognition of your needs

Whether you are a start up an SME or a large PLC, you want your cash to grow your business not tied up in your unpaid invoices.

You need your cash released quickly and economically.


Offices in Surrey and Dorset.

This enables us to have an office closer to a large percentage of the the UK population including London.


When companies involve AVC Debt Recovery for business debt recovery it shows your debtors that you are serious about collection of your monies.


AVC Debt Recovery input releases you and your team to focus on what you do best.


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Business Debt Recovery, Surrey, Business Debt Recovery Dorset Business Debt Recovery, Surrey, Business Debt Recovery Dorset



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